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Research & Development

What is design? Philosophically, it is the expression of an artist’s thoughts. Our team of maverick designers tells us that this thought could be inspired from a stone or a building or a painting… They are currently working on a design inspired from a wave in the sea!

However, making the design on paper is only the first step in the birth of a new product. After the initial drawing, a proto- type of the design is created to study various aspects of the product like the grip, the base metal, functionality and the feel of the design once it is in form. It is only after the entire analysis of the proto type is completed, that a product gets the nod. Since our designers get it right usually, we are prepared with designs and concepts for almost 2- 3 years in advance.

Before the production of the handle starts, a mould or a dye for a product is made to give the metal the shape of the handle. This mould is different for each product and sometimes two different moulds have to be made for one design, each costing lakhs of rupees.

It takes 7 different quality checks for one handle to become a Collins product like the Salt Spray Test, Punch Test, Bond Test, HB Pencil Test, etc. Each handle is tested for the longevity of its plating, corrosion resistance, surface smoothness, scratch resistance among others. You can even measure our perfection as we follow a maximum 0.05mm size tolerance level. A Collins handle is made to last, being one lakh cycles testes, for 8- 10 years easily. In case of even a slight deviation from our standards, the product never sees the light of day!

We follow a stingy Accepted Quality Limit of 2.5%. This means that after packaging, when the products are inspected one final time, out of the 200 samples pulled out at random from the 10000 products, if more than 10 fail to meet our standards, the entire batch is returned for inspection.

Our thirst for superiority does not end only with the look of the product. Our Stainless Steel316 range is made from an excellent eco friendly process since no chemicals are used in the plating process. In fact the steel used for the handles is the same which is used inside the human body. This is down to our strong headed decision of contributing to the environment and making a pure and harmless product for the user. It is worth noting that SS316 is one of the hardest metals and highly non malleable, which makes the moulding of the handles a bane.

The journey of the handle from the mind of a designer to the bedroom of a connoisseur takes about 10 months and the hard work of our design, production, QC teams and the presentation team.

So the next time you’re holding a Collins Handle, smile as you’re holding a piece of excellence.