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Why Collins

Collins India:
• Started in 1986, has a 25 year history.
• Products are sold in over 18 countries. In India we can boast of a pan India presence in 2 and even 3 tier cities.
• Have always thought and worked differently, offered a different product. In an Indian market, which sold only export rejects, we introduced products that were made for the Indian market.
• This habit of thinking and working differently has continued even today when we were one of the first companies in India to introduce fingerprint solutions.
• We believe that there is a science behind developing a product be it a simple handle or a complicated sliding solution. For eg: when making an aluminum profile, we think about the place where it will be installed, the weight it will have to take and the most important thing, how can this be a solution which adds to the convenience of our final consumer.
• Innovation: always looking to add to our product portfolio: be it a new product design or an entirely new product range. For eg: We introduced a completely new product line of Collins Class in 2012, taking the experience of designer mortise handles to an entirely new level. The innovation that we do is the result of months and sometimes years of hard work. For eg: the ACS Glass Solutions that we introduced in 2011, our team has been working on that product line for almost 18 months prior.
• Every product that we bring into the market is tested and checked thoroughly before. Like a simple Cabinet Handle that we bring to the market goes through as many as 7 different tests that check the finishing, the cuts of its design, the longevity and even the packaging of the handle.
• Our thirst for superiority does not end only with the look of the product. Our Stainless Steel316 range is made from an excellent eco friendly process since no chemicals are used in the plating process. In fact the steel used for the handles is the same which is used inside the human body. This is down to our strong headed decision of contributing to the environment and making a pure and harmless product for the user. It is worth noting that SS316 is one of the hardest metals and highly non malleable, which makes the molding of the handles a bane.

Collins Crystal:
• Flagship Brand of Collins
• We use only Swarovski Crystal in making our handles, this is because we the cut, shine and life of a crystal we use is unmatched by any other company (do not build up Swarovki please)
• The base used is the best kind of imported Zamak from Australia.
• There was a time when the blue packing of Collins Crystal was synonymous with quality Crystal products!
• Continuously coming up with new designs in the entire range of products: Mortise Handles, Cabinet Handles and Main Door Handles.
• Introducing 5- 10 new designs in Crystal each year.
• Mention the different tests that are conducted on the handles.
• Exclusive products line only for an elite few.
• Words That can be associated with the product line are: subtle, elegant, not for everyone, designer
• Crystal in the house is supposed to be good according to Vastu too.